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We are a destination of all four seasons and Northern Edge will tailor packages that will fit the needs and desires of each visitors. Each excursion listed will be your choice to select and Northern Edge will tailor the meals, transportation and accommodations. 




Blueberry picking is one of the greatest natural habitat activity throughout many generations in Lac Seul FN. Our escorted tour guide will transport you into the beautiful forest to experience the freshness of Blueberries and be ready to try different receipes for your next meal. Lunch and beverages will be included.


Excursion is available on July through August. Call in advance to check for picking conditions.   


The lakes of Lac Seul and particularly at the core of the Lac Seul lakes horizon are known for fishing. According to, Lac Seul is considered one of best spots for Walleye or Pickerel in the world. Many guests from various parts of the United States of America make their journey to Lac Seul lodges for their fishing vacation. Lac Seul's fish species are Nothern Pike, Walleye, Small Mouth Bass and Whitefish. Fishing in Lac Seul is an all year round excursion for summer and winter ice fishing. We have years of experienced guides that will take you out on the adventure you will never forget!

Our lodges in the Business Directory will accommodate in their open season from May to September for your next fishing trip and depending on the lake conditions with freeze-up in the Winter and break-up in the Spring that will determine on the availability of the excursion. Northern Edge will also tailor the ice fishing excursion with bedding and meals. Call or e-mail well in advance to check for availability and more info on fishing license. 


Our wildlife in Northwestern Ontario especially amongst the Lac Seul First Nation reserve is very essential to our people and holds high respects for the wildlife as they serve a huge role in the environment.

Our boat guide will give you visual encounters of most animals such as the Moose, Eagle, Loon, Beaver, Black Bear, Pelican and the Blue Heron. The availability is due to weather conditions and time of season from Spring to Fall.  


Our lakes extends from 60 to 70 miles with mainland and islands that will captivate your senses of adventure as you paddle through the streams of the Lac Seul lakes. Whether escorted or venture on your own, the excursion will take you to various parts of the lake with starting points along with camping gear and packaged meals. 


Check for info on camping permits and availability. 


Honouring our elders is one of our greatest traditions as we continue to respect their knowledge and wisdom of the history and land of Lac Seul First Nation. You will have the opportunity to sit with an elder along with a cup of tea and bannock to hear stories and experiences of how far they've come since living in Lac Seul First Nation. 

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